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AuctionWriter One-Clicks
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The current text will be saved and associated with this button. Give this snippet of text a name and click save. The three letters entered for label will be displayed to identify the button. Your full title will be displayed when the mouse is moved over the button. Set as private to prevent import by other users.
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AuctionWriter Help

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Creating a new account: - click here

Creating a document: - Type or copy and paste standard HTML text into the form. Use the preview button to see what it will look like when rendered by the browser. When the document formats the way you want, click SAVE! Keep the provided link to reload the saved document any time.

Clickers (snippets/shortcuts) - The system provides up to 36 HTML snippets which can be inserted into your document with a single click. Hover the mouse over the buttons to see a description. Registered users may right-click on the buttons to create custom content. (Display of the clicker panel may be turned on or off in your preferences)

Saving a document: - If you need to save your work or show it to someone else, click the save button. The system will return a link to your work which you can bookmark, post in a chat board or send to someone else by eMail. Registered users have additional options - see the Registered user FAQ.

Links: - Two separate links are shown for your work. The collaboration link (blue) allows others to view the source of your content or create a new version of your document by correcting or adding to it. The second (green) is for display only and is useful if you want to link to your document as a stand-alone web page.

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AuctionWriter Advanced Features
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AuctionWriter Validation
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AuctionWriter Preferences
Remote saving (requires client script)
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Display Clickers Panel
Wrap text lines as I type
Preview document after load/save
Use Iframe for output (may cause scrolling for previewed document)
Populate un-assigned one-clicks with default values
Display the smart ruler above preview section

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Search one or both fields. Example - to find a pink themed template by Suzie, enter "suzie" in the author field and "pink" in the title field.
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Notice! This section is under development as of April 2008. Please be patient.
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