Auction Writer

Advanced F.A.Q.

Q. What is a private document?

If you save content with a password, the resulting document can not be edited or saved by anyone but the original author. It may be viewed by others if they have the password. If you give a private document link to others, you should provide the password as well. When a user provides the correct password to view a private document, authorization will continue for that machine for 24 hours.

Q. What is a related document?

This feature is especially useful if you have published a shared template or you are helping another user create a web document. Historically, suggestions for image placement or color and style examples have been embedded right in the sample document using HTML comment tags. If you have ever looked at one of these, you've seen the problem. the included comments and instructions cause so much clutter within the code that it becomes difficult to distinguish between the code and the comment.

AW's answer is to embed reference to a related document. This feature means you can create completely separate content with necessary directions and guidance for using the primary sample and just include a reference like this example:   <comment>AW_RELATED_DOC=###</comment>    (replace ### with the ID of the related document - avoid spaces or line breaks - hint- create a clicker with the above code for quick recall!)

Simply create two AW documents. One for the sample code, and another for the instructions. Embed the document ID for the second document in the sample and your reader will have immediate access to additional information.

Here is an example document which contains an embedded link to the comments. (the instructional document is a great place to promote your web site or services, by the way)

Q. How do I customize the shortcut buttons?

AuctionWriter includes 36 one-click buttons called "Clickers." These can be used to insert HTML or script sections on demand. To replace the default content, copy or type your snippet or often-used text into the editor, then right-click on the desired Clicker button. Name and title the snippet from the displayed panel and click save. (mark your shortcuts public if you plan to share them)

To import Clickers from another user, enter the user's nickname (author name) into the import field. This action is not error checked. If the author name is not a match or the author has not enabled export, the import will fail. Enter 'guest' to reset all Clcikers to the default.

Advanced Users! Functionality of the Clickers can be enhanced with these special tokens. Precede a script with "AW_CMD=" and the script will be executed when the button is pressed. Use the token "AW_LINK=" to turn the button into a normal link. Examples and reference can be found here.

Q. How do I force AuctionWriter to assign a new ID to my document?

When registered users edit a document which they own, the system assumes the same ID should be maintained so that any published links to the document reflect the changes. To over ride the default behavior for documents that you own, choose save as, and check new ID. (A new ID and link is automatically be assigned if you do not own the document currently loaded)

Q. My document was rejected for flooding. What should I do?

There are bad guys out there on the net who try to break into sites by sending multiple automated requests trying to crash the server. To combat this type of attack, Auctionwriter limits the number new database records created daily by any single IP address. These limits are intended to prevent abuse, not punish or inconvenience our users. If you run in to this problem frequently, please let us know. We'll be happy to raise the threshold on a user by user basis.

Q. What does the "De-web" button do?

If you need to post sample code on a discussion board, the board's software may filter HTML tags. De-web, converts the opening and closing tags (< >) in your document to their respective HTML entities. Most boards allow the entities and will display the de-webified code as plain text.

Q. I uploaded an image but now it doesn't show. Why?

The uploader is self-cleaning. Files are only kept for a few days. Temporary image hosting is provided to make proof-of-concept quick and convenient. Once your document is finalized, you should change all image links to your normal host.

Q. Can I send a document directly to my web server?

Yes! If your server is php enabled and you have the ability to properly set file permissions, simply follow the instructions on this page. (Further instructions are contained in the script)

Q. Can I send a document from my web site to AuctionWriter?

Yes. If you are a designer, it may be useful to send a template or boiler-plate to AuctionWriter so your customer can make changes. Create a form container on you page which contains your HTML in a field named "REMOTE_CONTENT." Set the form method to "POST" and the form action to "" Any data received in this fashion will appear in the edit window of AuctionWriter immediately. Your user or customer does not have to have an account with AuctionWriter to use this feature. See this demo.