Auction Writer


Q. Do I have to register?

No. A common use of AuctionWriter is to share ideas for HTML layout and design. As a guest, you can view, create and revise documents for colaboration, share links and use all the basic features of the site. If you plan to use the site often, registration will enable additional features that you may find helpful.

Q. I tried to register but I never received the confirmation email. What now?

It appears some ISPs actually block messages from non-major networks. If you can't locate the confirmation message in your provider's spam folder or filter, you may want to re-register using a free email provider such as yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail ETC. Unverified registration data is removed after 24 hours.

Q. Can I register more than one account?

Yes. The AuctionWriter service requires a unique nickname and email address for each account but you may create more than one.

Q. What browser is supported?

AuctionWriter was developed using Internet Explorer. MSIE V6 or later should be used for best results. We attempted to maintain generally accepted web standards in coding, however not all browsers will work correctly. If you find a problem using your favorite browser and you are willing to assist with the fix, please let us know.

Q. How do I get started?

If you followed a web link, the author may have included a document to be loaded in the editor. If so, simply make changes to personalize the current document and save it. The system will assign your content a new document ID and display a new link so you can come back to it when needed.

Q. Sometimes I get a new document ID and sometimes I don't. Why?

Auctionwriter uses a variety of logic to try to conserve the number of documents and at the same time prevent overwriting of anyone's data. Generally, if you load a document originally created by another user, the first revision will result in a new document ID and link. Subsequent revisions will keep the ID unless you start a new document. (Registered users may force a new ID)

Q. What type of content can I publish.

Generally, any type of HTML is acceptable including scripts, style elements, embedded content, E.T.C. Note that when previewing your content, your HTML becomes a part of the AuctionWriter source document itself. Extremely long or complex documents and poorly written scripts may break the editor. If this happens, close the main window and come back to the main page with no document specified.

Q. Can I post spam?

Please don't. Inappropriate content is removed plus with automatic removal of guest documents, it's just a waste of your time.

Q. What is acceptable then?

Our site is a resource for small sellers on the web. Anything that will help a small seller in any way is acceptable. Long lists of links to porn, viagra promotions or gambling probably won't help anyone.